Born 2 Care for the Community is a non-profit organisation uplifting the greater Delmas community by caring for, equipping and counselling the public to make informed decisions about real life situations

Pregnancy Crisis Centre

We provide caring counsel and practical support to those faced with a crisis pregnancy.

All our services are 100% free and strictly confidential!

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Our newest project: Orphaned and Vulnerable Children

  Caregivers in the community
We send trained caregivers to assess the needs of orphans and vulnerable children on a continual basis and endeavour to meet these needs with the support of the community

Born 2 Live Project

The Born 2 Live project helps children in our community that come from less privileged homes by bridging that gap through providing them with basic toiletries and personal hands-on support to encourage them to reach for the stars despite their situation!

Our School Ministry promotes abstinence before marriage

Thandi and Thabile are two of our dedicated volunteers who educate the children from Grade-R through to Matric in schools about the dangers of sex before marriage including STD's and AIDS.

Whitney's Kiss Competition 2014 Winners

The winners of our Whitney's Kiss Competition that runs each year in the schools in our community received their prizes in October.

CLICK HERE to see who our 2014 winners were!

Do you think your pregnant and you're scared?

So you think you're pregnant and you dont know what to do? You don't have to face this alone!
We can help you!!!

Abortion is NOT easy and painless

So you're considering abortion and not too sure if it'll be painless and easy as they say? We have the facts about abortion, as well as alternatives to choose.

You've had an abortion

You've had an abortion and can't shake the empty feeling inside you and no one understands your grief, or you have no one to talk to about it - there is redemption after loss!
At Born to Care for the Community, we provide caring councel, non-judgemental advise and practical support to those faced with a crisis pregnancy. Read more about our pregnancy crisis centre...
At Born 2 Care we also do preventative work in our schools and youth groups, educating them about HIV/AIDS, STDs and promote abstinence before marriage. Read more about our School Ministry…
We run a support group at our local hospital, visiting the maternity ward on a regular basis, offering parenting advise and support our clients who have chosen parenthood. Read more about our Hospital Ministry…
Our newest project is sending out care givers into our community to care for the orphaned and vulnerable children who are most at danger of falling pregnant and not finishing school. Read more about our OVC Project...

About Us

We are a Christian non-profit organisation dedicated to uplifting the greater Delmas community

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